BTS’s Jungkook Believes He Still Has A Long Way To Go In Terms Of Finding His Worth

He is the most precious to BTS and ARMYs!

Even BTS‘s talented golden maknae Jungkook believes he still has a long way to go in finding his worth!

In the Break The Silence: The Movie, the members express their joy and fears as they take fans on a ride in their journey as BTS.

He finds that although he has something to give as a team, he is hesitant at whether or not he can do that himself. “Well..what I mean to the team. I’m one of the members…of this team called BTS, and I believe I’ve had a lot of influence on the group itself. But if I were to try something by myself and be an inspiration to a lot of people, I wonder, ‘Would I really be able to do that by myself?’ I often think about that.”

He also admits that he is lazy knowing that he knows what his flaws are but doesn’t work on fixing it. “I want to become the kind of person who takes responsibility for his words. I always say things, but I don’t follow through with them. I’m like a greedy child. It’s foolish of me to know, yet still not put it into action. I’m lazy. As for my worth, honestly, I’m not sure. I still have a long way to go to start thinking about my worth. There isn’t much.”

| screenshot from @ChimnieFilter7/ Break The Silence Movie

Although he has not found out what his worth is yet, he is always grateful for the opportunity he has been given. “I’ve been thinking a lot…and I think I’m an incredibly lucky and happy person. I get to do what I want and make money and meet good people. Most importantly, I’m doing the things I’ve always wanted to do and I get to be happy while doing those things.”

| @1ve95o/Twitter

Jungkook might not know his worth, fans most definitely know how precious and great his worth is to the world!