That Time BTS’s Jungkook Pretended To Be A Bodyguard…And Nobody Noticed

He hid in plain sight from fans.

From performing to painting, BTS‘s Jungkook has many talents, but did you know he’s also a master of disguise?

Despite being one of the most recognizable people on the planet, Jungkook has successfully hidden in plain sight

…more than once.

One time, Jungkook pretended to be part of BTS’s security detail and stood guard outside his own dressing room.

One by one, fans walked by him in the hallway, completely unaware.

Some even glanced at this “bodyguard” without recognizing him.

The best part? Jungkook was standing right beside his own name!

Legend has it that those fans are still kicking themselves today. The moral of this story? Be alert at all times. You never know where BTS will show up next!