BTS’s Jungkook Is Cuter Than Boo With His Teeny Tiny Pigtails

Move over Baby Boo, Baby Koo is here!

BTS‘s Jungkook is giving fans two more reasons to miss his long hair: pigtails!


During BTS’s trip to New Zealand for Bon Voyage 4, Jungkook experimented with different hairstyles, mostly to keep his long hair out of his face. He rocked this samurai-style ‘do…


…and this teeny tail…


…but he took his self-styling to the next level in Episode 3. Behold, the maknae’s adorable pigtails!


“Jungkook-hyung” isn’t a baby anymore? Hmm…That’s up for debate!


Not only is Jungkook’s toddler hair super precious, it’s reminding fans of Monster Inc.’Boo.


Who’s cuter? Baby Boo or Baby Koo? We already know the answer!