BTS’s Jungkook Showed Off More Of His Boxing Skills Backstage

The Golden Boxer practiced his moves behind the scenes.

The Golden Boxer is back again!


Boxing has become one of BTS Jungkook‘s many athletic hobbies. On April 22, he tweeted out a video of his boxing practice, to share his progress with fans.


On April 21, the day before Jungkook posted the video, BTS performed their final “Dionysus” stage on Inkigayo. Now, three months later, BangtanTV has released a behind the scenes video of BTS preparing for the show.


Each member warmed up in their own way, but Jungkook must have had boxing on his mind when he was getting ready.


In addition to loosening up his body, Jungkook also threw in some hooks and jabs like this.


The moment was brief, but fans are hoping to see more of the Golden Boxer’s moves in the future!


Check out the full video here: