When BTS’s Jungkook Broke Down In Tears, J-Hope Gave Him Important Advice

J-Hope shared words of wisdom in BTS’s Break The Silence.

There’s nothing like a friend’s wise words to help you through a difficult time.

Back in January 2019, BTS performed in Singapore for their LOVE YOURSELF world tour. At the time, fans had no idea what had happened between the time the concert ended and the time this photo was taken.

BTS’s Memories of 2018 DVD revealed that Jungkook broke down in tears because he felt that he hadn’t given his best performance. His members comforted, reassured him, and cheered him up in their own ways.

BTS’s docuseries Break The Silence reveals more of what happened that night.

Backstage, J-Hope offered an important piece of advice to Jungkook: pace yourself.

J-Hope told him that although fans will notice it when Jungkook dances powerfully, it’s important that he knows his limits. 

By pushing his body every time, Jungkook runs the risk of running out of energy.

This isn’t the first time J-Hope has advised Jungkook to pace himself: he’s been saying it for years. As someone who also gives 110% on stage, J-Hope understands Jungkook’s tendency to “dance until his body breaks”.

Watch the preview for Break The Silence Episode 1 here: