Jungkook Goes From Bunny To Honey In Updates Posted 1 Day Apart

He showed two different, but equally charming, sides of himself on SNS.

It’s been years, but fans are still defenseless against Jungkook‘s dangerous duality!


In the blink of an eye, BTS‘s muscle bunny can go from the shy boy next door…


…to that guy your parents warned you about.


On Halloween, Jungkook tweeted this “coconut hair” selfie with a cutely stylized version of his name “jjekehei” (JK).


Jungkook barely gave fans time to fawn over his “baby” visuals…


…before he posted this photo on Weibo. Jungkook’s selfie, captioned “I miss you too ARMY“, was posted one day after his Twitter photo. Here, Jungkook shows his sophisticated and mature side…


…and no one was ready for it.


Are we sure they’re the same person?