BTS Jungkook Bursts Into Tear At Recent Concert

BTS’ Jungkook started with all smiles during the final Wings Tour concert, but his smile was soon replaced by an endless stream of tears.

Jungkook graced a stage promptly and was literally shining down on over 20,000 of his loving fans.

Then somewhere along the way, his smile turned to tears.

At the end of the final concert, every BTS member took the time to talk about the amazing year that they accomplished with their fans.

Jungkook teared up as he expressed his gratitude to every single fan who made their success happen.

“Lots of things happened this year.

Every success was due to the opportunities you’ve made for us. I’m so thankful.”

— Jungkook

He broke down sobbing as he reflected on the end of their beautiful world tour.

“To think that this is the last concert, I’m saddened but am so happy that it wrapped up nicely.

I was so happy today. I want to continue to be happy with you going forward.”

— Jungkook

Fans loved Jungkook’s candid speech and commented how cute he was even as he cried!

Even through the overwhelming tears, he never lost his smile thanks to the millions of fans around the world.

Watch Jungkook’s complete speech below!