BTS’s Jungkook Calls Out ARMY For Not Noticing Something On His Birthday

Everyone was too happy to notice something different about him.

Millions of ARMYs celebrated BTS‘s Jungkook‘s birthday with him during his live broadcast when Jin even dropped by to greet him personally.  A day after his birthday, though, he called out ARMY for not noticing something about him.


“I tanned a lot, huh? .. ㅜ
You should have told me!!!!!! ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ”

That’s right. Of all the millions who flocked to his live broadcast, not one person noticed that his skin got tanned. Everyone was just too happy to see him with his slightly long hair, which he bragged that he pinned to the sides.

He then asked for sunscreen recommendations for people with sensitive skin like him.


“Anyone wants to recommend a sunscreen for someone with sensitive skin like me… ㅎㅎ.”

An ARMY gave a suggestion, to which Jungkook reacted with his usual denial.  This response calls to mind his opposition when fans called him “oppa.”


Fan: Since you’re a baby, how about using baby sunscreen???!

JK: Ahem, I’m not a baby !!!

In the end, he got so overwhelmed with all the recommendations he got.


“There are so many and so many different kinds.. ㅎ.”

Jungkook’s sensitive skin was something he dealt with seriously. He follows a regular skin care regimen to keep it flawless and healthy. During Bon Voyage Season 3, it was summer in Malta, and he applied sunscreen like a pro to ensure his skin didn’t burn, just like it did during Bon Voyage Season 2 in Hawaii.

ARMYs were just too happy to see Jungkook active on social media, and some got nostalgic.

In the end, this was the tweet that mirrored everyone’s thought.