BTS’s Jungkook VS Technology: A Never-Ending Struggle

He couldn’t catch a break.

Technology was out to get BTS‘s Jungkook, but he refused to let it sabotage his broadcast!

Despite only getting an hour of sleep, Jungkook was bright-eyed and energetic while chatting with ARMY. He showed fans his broken phone, sang songs, and discussed his diet, all while dealing with a persistent anti: his own camera.

No matter what Jungkook did, he kept shifting out of focus. After readjusting the focus multiple times, he started running out of patience. “I mean, why is it losing focus?” he said, then scolded the camera if it were a person. “Why are you like this? Excuse me! Come on…” 

After fixing the focus for the umpteenth time, the broadcast began to lag too.

As if that wasn’t enough to test Jungkook’s patience, the heater decided to stop doing its job.

After 55 whole minutes, Jungkook finally found the camera’s weakness: light. By turning off the lights behind him, he was able to keep the video in focus, but the heater was still a problem.

Staff to the rescue! After trying to fix the heater for Jungkook, a staff member found a snuggly, down coat for him to warm up in.

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