BTS’s Jungkook Confesses ARMY Gave Him Strength During Times He Wanted To Let Go

It is all thanks to the fans.

Recently, BTS made a guest appearance on SBS’s Eight O’Clock News and revealed their honest thoughts about their recent accomplishments. Member Jungkook also talked about the feelings he was going through when writing the “Thanks To” portion for the Butter album.

In his thank you letter, he wrote, “Many people are still having a hard time. And so are we. There were certainly times when I wanted to let go of everything. Because I am human too.” To this, he stated, “Things that were planned fell apart in an instant and I couldn’t figure out what to do and I wanted to let go of everything.” He continued, “But naturally, after seeing the fans and the members next to me gave me strength again.”

When asked about his personal dreams as Jeon Jungkook, he revealed that he has no other dreams other than the ones as a singer.

Although I am someone who wants to do many things, what I am doing right now makes me so happy that I have no personal goals other than my goals and dreams as a singer. I am so happy right now. I want to meet fans soon and hold a concert. Right now, these are my dreams.

— Jungkook

And as BTS’s golden maknae, we know just how important the group and music is to him!

Source: newsen