BTS’s Jungkook Once Cried In An Amusement Park Because Of A Certain Ride

Jimin couldn’t believe it 😂

In a past “BANGTAN LOG,” BTS‘s Jungkook shared a memorable experience he had as a child when visiting an amusement park with his family.

Jungkook and Jimin dedicated the vlog to discussing their recent trip to the amusement park as a group. Jungkook asked if they were going to talk about the rides they went on that day. “Aren’t you going to talk about the other rides we went on?

Jimin agreed and prodded him to describe them. “Tell them! We’ll leave after you tell them.

Jungkook first explained that he once went to the amusement park with his family. Adorably, there was one ride that made him cry—The Viking!

Since I was young—when I was younger—I went to the amusement park with my family and rode The Viking and cried.

— Jungkook

The Viking is a pirate ship type of ride that swings back and forth. The thrilling experience must have been difficult for a young boy like Jungkook!

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He revealed that ever since the incident happened, he hadn’t gone back to an amusement park. “Since then…since then, I haven’t gone.

It wasn’t until BTS’s recent trip that he visited it once again: “But since we had some time to spare, I went to Lotte World with the hyungs and our first ride was…

Jimin finished his sentence for him, shouting, “Atlantis!

Although his first experience in the amusement park caused him to cry, thankfully, he thought this one was “really fun!”

Hear Jungkook and Jimin describe their trip to the amusement park in the full video below.

Source: Bangtan Subs