BTS’s Jungkook Cried Because He Missed His Mother — And It’s The Sweetest Thing Ever

Because he missed his mother, Jungkook couldn’t help but cry on camera.

BTS‘s Jungkook‘s relationship with his mother is the sweetest thing ever. Just look at how tightly he held his mother’s hand during his graduation ceremony — she looked like his sister, didn’t she?

Maybe Jungkook’s closeness with his mother is one of the reasons why he fondly mentioned her during one of their show episodes?

During a cooking session in one of BTS’s show episodes, Jungkook can be seen crying while cutting onions.

J-Hope told him to use a different hand to wipe his tears away, but Jungkook wasn’t able to pay attention to what J-Hope was saying because he was still crying.

As Jungkook successfully wiped his tears away…

…J-Hope asked him if he needed to cut more onions. While wiping his face, Jungkook answered that he doesn’t need any more onions.

And without missing a beat, he says that he misses his mother.

He even tried to lighten the mood by saying that onions from New Zealand will make people cry.

But in the end, Jungkook couldn’t deny his affection for his mother anymore as he wondered out loud how she managed to cut onions without shedding tears.

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