BTS’s Jungkook Never Lost This Unique Habit Since Debut To Now

He’s changed over the years but this hasn’t changed one bit!

Ever since BTS debuted back in 2013, Jungkook had this one unique habit.


Whenever he would drink water, he completely surrounds the opening with his lips!


It appears Jungkook’s drank this way ever since the beginning of time!


He just brings the water bottle right up to his mouth…


…surrounds the opening with his pouty lips…


… and drinks away, no matter the time or place!


It’s like no other way to drink from a water bottle exists!


And over the years, fans caught onto his unique habit.


And would capture the moment of him drinking water whenever they could!


According to fans, it reminds them of a baby drinking his bottle.


Over half a decade later, Jungkook still drinks water in his unique way.


Perhaps it’s because he knows fans enjoy watching his adorable habit.


And he wants to keep that fun joke alive between him and his ARMYs!


No matter the reason, never change, Jungkook!


Never change!