BTS’s Jungkook Worries About Performing This Song At Concerts

This is how he puts his mind at ease before he goes on stage.

The Golden Maknae can do anything he puts his mind to, but even he has his difficulties.


At every BTS concert, Jungkook works hard to give ARMYs the absolute best of himself. There’s no note he can’t hit, no choreography he can’t nail, and no heart he can’t win with his powerful stage presence.


After BTS’s sold-out Wembley concert, Jungkook went live with ARMYs to talk about the show. During the broadcast, he revealed that “Euphoria” is difficult, even for him.


He always worries before performing it, but practicing helps him to get in the right frame of mind.

“Euphoria” has also gone through many changes since last year’s Love Yourself tour. This year, for Love Yourself: Speak Yourself, a gravity-defying wire flight was added to Jungkook’s solo.


Jungkook said that the excitement he feels when thinking about soaring over the stadium has given his mind something to look forward to, rather than worry about.


All in all, he’s happy about the changes, and he thanked the concert director for ‘making him’ do it.