BTS’s Jungkook Knows How To Drive Fans Wild (Spoiler: Fake Stripping)

The Golden Maknae is an expert at teasing fans with this technique.

FACT: BTS‘s Jungkook should come with a warning label. Or, you know, several.

WARNING: May cause heart palpitations:

May cause fainting spells:

May cause memory loss, as in, “I was supposed to be _______, but I ended up watching Jungkook fancams for four hours straight.”

Everything Jungkook does puts ARMY‘s health at risk, but when he really wants to be hazardous, he does the “fake strip”. He unfastens one or two buttons…

…and the crowd goes wild!

Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen very often…

…but since it’s for ARMY, his members are more than happy to help out!

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