Watch Jungkook’s Stealthy Response to Fans Who Kept Calling His Name at BTS’s Fan Signing

There were quite a few variations.

BTS recently had their fan signing at KOBACO Hall in Seoul where each member showered their fans with love through gestures like holding their hands and blowing kisses.

In particular, Jungkook drew a lot of attention by giving his fans a special fan service of his own.

While Jungkook was signing things for fans, there were other fans in line who wouldn’t stop calling his name.

In response, Jungkook made a heart gesture with his arms to express his love for his beloved fans.

And this didn’t just happen once. When fans continued to call his name afterward, he gave them more heart gestures, one of which was held in front of his face for quite some time.

What made his response extra cute was the fact that he did all of this while keeping a pretty straight face as if he was trying not to make it obvious or showy.

Watch Jungkook’s cute yet stealthy responses to his fans’ calling at 3:33 and 7:45 below:

Source: Insight