A Father Had The Perfect Solution To Find His ARMY Daughter In A Crowd…A Photo Of BTS’s Jungkook

Everyone is loving this dad’s solution!

When he wanted to pick his daughter up after a university entrance exam, one dad had the perfection solution to guarantee that his daughter would find him…a poster of BTS‘s Jungkook!


Not too long ago, many students were sharing their experiences and stories from their university entrance exams in China. Among those that really caught attention and soon became a very hot topic on Weibo, was one about a student who had just completed her literature exam.


After taking her exam she was going to be picked up by her father and to make sure she found him easily, he held up a fan with Junkgook’s picture on it!

The post quickly took over Weibo and soon spread from there! Everyone was falling in love with this dad’s genius solution!


Many fans have also expressed that they hope someone does something like this for them when they need it! Because being greeted by your bias after working hard would be amazing!