Jungkook Defied Gravity At BTS’s “Speak Yourself” In LA Concert

He took “Euphoria” to new heights.

BTS‘s Jungkook has taken his performance to new heights — literally!


On May 4 and 5, BTS held their first Speak Yourself concerts, at the Rose Bowl stadium in Los Angeles. In addition to performing songs from their new album, BTS also added surprises to the same songs they performed on their Love Yourself world tour, such as Jungkook’s solo, “Euphoria”.


It’s hard to imagine “Euphoria” being any more fantastic than it already is, but with the help of some elaborate stage mechanics…


…Jungkook made it happen!


Instead of diving into his dance break, Jungkook stepped onto a hook and soared around the stadium!


Even while airborne, Jungkook’s vocals were as steady as ever and he appeared completely at ease flying over thousands of adoring ARMYs.


When he hit his iconic high note, the stage lights flashed and the crowd went wild!


See more of his awe-inspiring flight here:


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