BTS’s Jungkook Forgot Their Choreography But Handled It Like A Total Professional

He came up with a plan on the spot.

When it comes to BTS‘s song “Butter”, sometimes Jungkook proves he’s only human by forgetting part of the choreography. Though he once accidentally left Suga to do a part of the dance alone, this time Jungkook realized his mistake quickly enough to recover like a total professional.


Like any of their other “Butter” stages, Jungkook nailed his part with V, high-fiving him. It was the next part that caused the adorable mishap.

Between performing and seeing excited fans, Jungkook enjoyed the stage so much that he walked further than he should’ve.

When he nearly got to the end of the stage, Jungkook quickly realized his mistake. Wearing a shy smile, he turned around and ran to where he was supposed to be.

Like a professional, Jungkook made it just in time, effortlessly jumping into the choreography as if he didn’t just run across the stage.

Jungkook will do whatever he can to ensure he’s putting on the best performance for ARMY.

See Jungkook’s adorable mistake here, along with the professional way he handled it.