BTS’s Jungkook Gave His Cameraman The Workout Of A Lifetime

This cameraman was no match for Jungkook’s speed.

Who needs a gym when you have Jungkook to keep you in shape?

BTS often play Rock, Paper, Scissors to decide who’s doing what. It’s easy to imagine their camera operators playing it too. Who will be Jungkook’s cameraman today? Kai, bai…oh no.

Run BTS! certainly lived up to its name in Episode 87. BTS ran around finding consonants and vowels to form words they could exchange for stickers. Each member had to stick those stickers on their assigned opponent’s back.

Jungkook’s target was J-HopeRM‘s target was Jungkook. Their cat and mouse games left everyone exhausted, but nobody suffered more than Jungkook’s cameraman.

Early on, RM snuck up and slapped a whole slew of stickers on Jungkook’s back. Jungkook refused to be caught off-guard again, so once he knew his hunter’s identity, the chase began!

Jungkook ran so far so fast that his cameraman couldn’t keep up! He can be heard gasping for air as he chases Jungkook and RM down a flight of stairs. (Somebody, give this guy a raise!)

Editors chronicled the cameraman’s journey with captions…

…until he reunited with Jungkook. Jungkook asked the cameraman if he was feeling okay, but he may have been too out of breath to answer!