BTS Jungkook’s “Hanbok” Fashion Caused The Brand’s Website To Crash

Jungkook did that!

An online clothing shopping mall has been gaining more and more popularity thanks to BTS Jungkook‘s “hanbok” airport fashion.

Jungkook showed up at Gimpo International Airport to head to to Osaka, Japan for their LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF world tour.

On this day, he wore a very unique modern-style Korean hanbok that fans immediately fell in love with.

He showed up in a simple, yet stylish hanbok on his way back to Korea from Japan as well.

The modern-style hanbok began to receive more and more attention since Jungkook wore it to the airport and it also became a real-time trend.

Moreover, the clothing brand that the hanbok was from also gained much attention. The hanbok Jungkook was wearing was a new product from an the brand, Zijangsa, and the price for the piece was 34,000 KRW ($29 USD).

The website became so popular that the server went down at one point due to all the traffic.

Zijangsa stated that the product was not sponsored and that they did not know how Jungkook went about purchasing the product.

They also explained that delivery has been getting delayed due to their immense popularity.

Zijangsa stated that they were surprised a small company like them would be able to receive the effects of BTS.


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