BTS’s Jungkook Reveals The Two Things He Can’t Live A Happy Life Without

If they were the only things he had, he’d be just fine.

Of the many things BTS‘s Jungkook has experienced as part of one of the world’s biggest boy groups, he revealed there were only two things he’d need to live a happy life.

During their Mini Masterclass, the group addressed the question of what gives them the most joy as an idol and what keeps them looking forward to each moment of it.

While many of the members appreciated how their music speaks deeply to others, V cracked up Jimin with his matter-of-fact response. “Performing at concerts is my favorite part.” Funnily enough, Jungkook had a similar answer.

Jungkook revealed the two things he could lead a charmed life with: “Our ARMY and performing. I can live happily if I have these two.

From the overwhelming love ARMYs shower Jungkook and BTS with, there’s no mistaking that they feel just as delighted to have them in their lives.

Check out his sweet response that proves how connected the group is with their fans.