The Only Thing Hotter Than Jungkook’s Photos Is His Behind The Scenes

Even the most gorgeous photos don’t do him justice.

It’s mathematically impossible for Jungkook to take a bad photo, but BTS‘s 2020 Season’s Greetings package has some of his best ones yet!


Each year, BTS releases a holiday package that contains a calendar, ring diary, and more. The package’s highlight is a behind the scenes DVD that shows how the members’ devastatingly handsome photos came to be.


No matter how good the camera is though, photos just can’t capture Jungkook’s visuals like a video can.


How can someone look this good from every angle?


It’s just unfair.


Really unfair!


Jungkook is a living, breathing art piece, and thankfully he doesn’t mind sharing his beauty with the world!


If you haven’t bought it already, find out how to purchase 2020 Season’s Greetings here.

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