BTS’s Jungkook Isn’t The First: Han So Hee Appeared In Another K-Pop Music Video Before “Seven”

The popular actress actually made her acting debut in one!

Did you just hit the replay button on BTS‘s Jungkook‘s latest music video not only to re-experience the addictive song but also to admire the stunning Han So Hee? Well, you’re not alone! The celebrated actress has indeed captured millions of hearts worldwide in her recent role as Jungkook’s love interest. But here’s a little secret: this isn’t the first time Han So Hee has graced a K-Pop music video.

Han So Hee in Junkook’s “Seven” music video. | HYBE LABELS/YouTube

Before she claimed her throne in the K-Drama world with series like World of The Married, Nevertheless, and My Name, So Hee’s entry into acting was intricately linked with another massive K-Pop boy group. Yes, you read it right. Han So Hee’s debut in the world of acting was not on a TV screen but in a music video!

Han So Hee and Jungkook in “Seven” music video. | HYBE LABELS/YouTube

Tucked away in the vibrant history of K-Pop, there’s a gem of a music video from 2016. It’s for SHINee‘s hit song “Tell Me What To Do,” an unforgettable track that continues to resonate with fans. And who’s the starlet playing Minho‘s girlfriend as well as the object of Taemin‘s obsession? It’s none other than our beloved Han So Hee!

Han So Hee in SHINee’s “Tell Me What To Do” music video. | SMTOWN/YouTube
Han So Hee and Taemin in SHINee’s “Tell Me What To Do” music video. | SMTOWN/YouTube

At this point in her career, So Hee hadn’t even signed with an agency when she was scouted for this role. Sharing her experience in an interview with BNTNews, she revealed that she even attended the music video meeting all on her own. Now that’s what we call an independent trailblazer!

I got scouted through my own SNS [social media]. I even went to the meeting on my own.

— Han So Hee

Minho and Taemin fighting over So Hee’s character in the music video. | SMTOWN/YouTube 

So Hee spoke fondly of her experience filming for the music video. She was so engaged in the project that she brought her own wardrobe to be featured in the shots. Her fondness for the concept and atmosphere of the video was palpable, and it’s no surprise she later emerged as a talented star in the Korean entertainment industry.

| SMTOWN/YouTube

Her music video debut marked the beginning of a sparkling career. In 2017, she secured her first K-Drama role in Reunited Worlds. Although it was a supporting role, it gave her the platform she needed to showcase her talent. Soon after, she landed main roles in Money Flower and 100 Days My Prince, which solidified her place as a promising actress in the industry.

Han in “100 Days My Prince” | tvN

However, her breakout role was in the 2020 megahit series The World of the Married. This series not only challenged her as an actress but also brought her into the limelight, earning her critical acclaim and popular recognition. Since then, Han So Hee has continued to make waves with her performances in Nevertheless and My Name, both released in 2021.

Han in “World Of The Married” | JTBC

Now, as she steps into the K-Pop scene again, this time alongside BTS’s Jungkook, we can’t help but admire her journey. From her humble beginnings on social media to her significant roles in K-Dramas and music videos, Han So Hee is indeed a force to be reckoned with. We can’t wait to see what she does next!