BTS’s Jimin And Jungkook Once Dressed So Similarly, Even Their Fansites Got Confused

It was hard to tell who was who 😂

BTS‘s Jungkook and Jimin once wore almost the exact same outfit at the exact same time, which made even their fansites mistake one for the other!

Back in December of 2019, both boys were captured looking dashing in their airport fashion outfits. Jimin sported a hat, face mask, fleece jacket, and plain shirt.

Jungkook’s all-black outfit, on the other hand, was nearly the same as Jimin’s. Instead of a hat, Jungkook wore a cap, and instead of a sling bag, he carried a backpack.

It’s almost as if they planned to twin that day!

One of Jungkook’s fansites made the very understandable mistake of posting Jimin’s pictures, thinking it was Jungkook. In the pictures, it’s nearly impossible to distinguish the face of the subject.

| @shae_JK/Twitter

Meanwhile, several ARMYs noticed that Suga looked like Jimin with his long, structured coat and flattering turtleneck shirt. If you weren’t looking closely, you’d probably think it is Jimin!

BTS really went around looking like each other, making ARMYs guess Who’s Who!

| @burberryjimin/Twitter
Source: Twitter


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