BTS’s Jimin Said J-Hope’s Skirt Was Too Short, But Jungkook Had The Most Hilarious Response

They’re a group of comedians 😂

The members of BTS aren’t afraid to break gender norms, especially regarding fashion.

Collage of BTS wearing skirts. | @miniminicult/Twitter

But one of the times J-Hope wore a skirt for a skit, it resulted in a hilarious moment that fans still laugh about.

J-Hope and Jimin.

For their House of ARMY skit, each member took on the role of a family member. J-Hope was the mom, fully getting into character with a wig and skirt. It was such a funny sight for Jimin that he said, “Hoseok drives me crazy.

There was an understandably funny reason why. Jimin made the staff laugh by saying, “Your skirt is so short!Jungkook came up with a comeback that was even funnier.

Perfectly playing his role as the dad, Jungkook said, “She seduced me with that.

Not only did the staff burst into laughter, but Suga‘s shocked reaction completed the moment.

Years later, fans still love how much of a comedian Jungkook is.

After all, who else could’ve come up with such a hilarious line so quickly?