BTS Members Laughed When Jungkook Revealed Something Cute About Jin

The members didn’t even know why they were laughing!

The BTS members love joking with each other, and they once couldn’t help but laugh when Jungkook revealed something cute about Jin.

BTS’s Jin
BTS’s Jungkook

During a fansign, Jungkook shared that he finds Jin’s legs to be quite adorable.

| Yoonki Min/YouTube

After Jungkook shared this, the members immediately started laughing.

| Yoonki Min/YouTube

After laughing, the members commented that they didn’t even know why they laughed at Jungkook’s comment.

| Yoonki Min/YouTube

After hearing the laughing from the members, Jin asked Jungkook why he thought his legs were cute. At first, Jin believed that Jungkook said it as a joke, but Jungkook then told Jin that he was sincere and that his leg line is quite cute.

| Yoonki Min/YouTube

After Jungkook gave his explanation, J-Hope playfully agreed with him.

| Yoonki Min/YouTube

Here’s the full video below!


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