Jungkook Fake Cried At BTS’s Last “Love Yourself” Show, Here’s Why

Jin unintentionally made Jungkook break character on stage.

Jungkook nearly shed tears (of laughter) on stage, and it was all because of Jin!


On April 7, BTS performed Day 2 of their Love Yourself concert in Bangkok, officially ending their 2018-2019 Love Yourself world tour. The members left fans with many unforgettable memories, including one unexpectedly funny moment during “The Truth Untold”.


“The Truth Untold” is one of the saddest songs BTS performed on tour. The vocal line sings “The Truth Untold” with vulnerability and the utmost seriousness, but Jin accidentally made Jungkook break character.


During Jin’s part, his voice cracked and Jungkook couldn’t stop himself from smiling. His reaction made the audience giggle, but Jungkook managed to get everything back on track…


…by pretending to cry.


When seen out of context, this clip makes it seem like Jungkook was overcome with emotion.


In reality, he was just trying not to laugh at Jin!


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