BTS’s Jin Was Minding His Own Business But Got Dragged Into Jungkook’s Antics Anyway

He paid the price.

Sometimes life isn’t fair, and neither is Run BTS!

Jin | Run BTS!/Weverse

In Episode 137, BTS continued their “entertainment quiz show.” They competed against each other in teams of two to win their choice of prizes at the end of the episode. After nosediving toward defeat, Team Jin and J-Hope turned the tables and won the game.

They claimed the tastiest prize, Korean beef, but unfortunately for Jin, he wouldn’t be taking home everything he had his eye on. He made the mistake of announcing that he would choose red ginseng from the prize table if he won Rock, Paper, Scissors against the staff.

Jin and J-Hope | Run BTS!/Weverse

V and RM both wanted to win a bottle of wine. Jungkook initially said he would choose the pear and bellflower extract, but when he won…

…he snatched up the wine instead!

The look of betrayal on V and RM’s faces deserves to be immortalized in a painting and passed down to future generations. It is just that priceless.

“Do you want it?” Jungkook asked V, teasing him.

Plot twist! When V won Rock, Paper, Scissors, he took out his loss on Jin by choosing the red ginseng. Poor Jin was just minding his own business, but thanks to Jungkook and V, he “lost his will to fight.”

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