BTS’s Jin Looks So Young That A Taxi Driver Once Thought He Was The Same Age As Jungkook

Jin and Jungkook have a 5 year age difference!

While Jin (born in 1992) is the eldest member of BTS, he could easily pass as the maknae (youngest) because of his visuals. There even was a time when a taxi driver thought Jungkook (born in 1997), the actual maknae of BTS, and Jin were the same age!

BTS’s Jungkook (Left) & Jin (Right)
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The BTS members held a live broadcast when Jin graduated from Konkuk University. While the members heartwarmingly congratulated Jin, they also teased him a bit about his age.

After some teasing, the members showered Jin with praise and said that he looks youthful.

J-Hope said that in terms of visuals, he believes that Jin looks the youngest in the group.

Jungkook then mentioned that he and Jin were once in a taxi, and the driver thought they were the same age! The taxi driver also couldn’t help but notice how handsome Jin and Jungkook were!

Jin sure has some youthful visuals!

Source: Naver Live