BTS’ Jungkook Just Took The Best Photo of V—But The Worst of Namjoon

Jungkook is definitely on top.

The latest BANGTAN BOMB featured a short clip of BTS in the waiting room of an event.

Jungkook couldn’t help being proud of a picture he took of sleeping which he promptly shared to J-Hope.

ARMY’s in return couldn’t stop gushing over Jungkook’s actions.

But while V’s photo was angelic, Jungkook brought out his inner evil maknae by picturing Namjoon sleeping.

With a slight slouch and his mouth hanging wide open, Namjoon’s photo was as meme-worthy as V’s was magazine-worthy. Fans also found it hilarious how Big Hit failed to properly censor the picture.

Jungkook once again proves that he is definitely a maknae-on-top.