BTS’s Jungkook Picked On RM’s Little “Friend”, But RM Got His Revenge

RM gave the mischievous maknae a taste of his own medicine on Run BTS.

Jungkook loves to play around, but sometimes he can get a little rough!

In Episode 97 of Run BTS!, BTS had a pajama party wherein they played several games and a round of “Too Much Information” (TMI), surrounded by BT21 pillows.

Pajama parties have a way of bringing out people’s silliness, and BTS are no exception!

Jungkook, who can never sit still, got mischievous between games. After “stabbing” Jimin and J-Hope with this giant marker…

…he booted RM’s Koya plushie across the room. Goal! 

What did sweet Koya do to deserve this treatment? Absolutely nothing. Luckily, his BFF has his back!

RM took revenge for Koya by kicking Cooky into the stratosphere, making Jungkook burst out laughing.

Is this a pajama party or a kindergarten class? The world may never know.