Long-Haired Jungkook’s “Euphoria” in Saudi Arabia Takes Over The Internet

He was the cause of ARMYs’ euphoria.

As ARMYs in Riyadh and on live broadcast watched on, BTS‘s concert in Saudi Arabia came to an end as a huge success.


While the entire concert filled ARMY hearts with so much happiness, Jungkook‘s “Euphoria” — boosted with his long-haired visual — immediately became one of the most treasured moments for the fans.


Jungkook, who has been growing his hair out since earlier this year, performed a never-seen-before version of “Euphoria”…


… in his upgraded, long-haired look!


And ARMYs are lovestruck with the angelic visual…


… as well as his blissful voice!


Twitter has keywords like “Jungkook” and “Euphoria” trending all over the world. Looks like Jungkook has, yet again, become the cause of ARMYs’ euphoria!