BTS’s Jungkook Was Ready To Throw Hands At Jimin And J-Hope

They nearly made him lose a game…and his temper!

BTS‘s Jungkook nearly lost his temper with Jimin and J-Hope, and for good reason too!


On Episode 67 of Run BTS!, BTS played a picture relay game where they illustrated a word with a drawing. Six of BTS’s seven members had 5 seconds each to draw part of that picture. Then, the seventh member had to guess what the word was.


As always, Jungkook took BTS’s “mission” very seriously.


This ultra-competitive member was in it to win it, so when his hyungs started messing around…


…he just wasn’t having it!


Instead of drawing, Jimin and J-Hope wrote words, which was against the rules!


Jungkook wasn’t happy about it, to say the least.


Thankfully, Suga was able to correctly guess the word (“fishing”), and the picture wasn’t disqualified. If everything hadn’t worked out, Jimin and J-Hope might have been in big trouble!