BTS’s Jungkook Made A New Friend On The Set Of Suga’s “Daechwita”

He didn’t want to leave its side the whole time they were shooting.

To show support for BTS‘s Suga‘s “Daechwita” from his Agust D mixtape D-2, the members couldn’t miss the filming for its music video.

While others only visited the set, Jungkook and Jin dressed up to play two small roles. Although it was amusing to see their fight, there was a behind-the-scenes moment that touched fans’ hearts.

According to someone who had been onsite during the filming, Jungkook had made a new friend.

When the person was asked about Jungkook, they mentioned that he seemed to like animals. Since that was an odd observation, they were asked to elaborate on why they’d come to that conclusion.

It turned out that Jungkook had found a chicken that had been at the filming site. Whenever they had breaks in between shooting scenes, he would make his way over to it and sweetly pat its head. He even showered it with compliments of how cute it was.

If that wasn’t adorable enough, the person revealed that Jungkook had stayed by its side throughout the entire time he was there.

Considering Jungkook was captured picking a funny fight with one…

and imitating it, that sounds precisely like something he would do.

The friendship between Jungkook and chickens continues.