BTS’s Jungkook Made 8 Of His Wishes Come True In 5 Years

He did everything he dreamed of in 2015, and more.

When Jungkook joined BTS, he was an ordinary boy from Busan with a heart full of passion and a head full of dreams. Now, he has achieved global stardom and much more.

| @JJK_TIMES/Twitter

In Episode 10 of PLAYBACK for BTS’s official Japanese fan club, Jungkook reacted to a video he recorded in 2015. In it, he talked about the things he wanted to do as an adult. Now, those wishes have all come true.

“I really have lots of things I want to do,” he began. “After being a grown-up, I want to drive…”

“…and also draw…”

“…play musical instruments…”

“….compose melodies…”

“…write lyrics…” 

“…do exercise…”

“….and learn filmography…”

“…photography, really many things.” 

After watching this five-year-old clip, Jungkook shared his thoughts, and what his current goals are.

Yesterday too, I thought about myself a bit while taking a shower. Is there anything I did until the end? I thought that while showing, even sighed too. What I want to do now is continue the current. So, I want to keep doing what I’m doing now.

— Jungkook

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