“Magician” Jungkook Entertains BTS With A New Magic Trick

You’ll never guess how he did it. Really.

Abracadabra! The Golden Magician is back with a new magic trick!

In the behind the scenes video for Episode 132 of Run BTS!BTS warmed up in a hot tub after being relentlessly soaked with pool water by the staff. Unsurprisingly, Jungkook used this downtime to entertain his members.

What did he have planned? They waited in anticipation…

…then burst out laughing at his “vanishing” act. Presto! Jungkook made the black marker on his palms “magically” disappear!

At the beginning of the show, BTS wrote “Run BTS!” on their palms. Whichever member kept from words from washing off would win a free stay at The Plaza, but Jungkook put his “magic words” to a better use!

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