This Is BTS Jungkook’s New Adorable Habit

One more cute habit to add to Jungkook’s repertoire!

BTS‘s Jungkook has a lot of little habits that fans have well documented, like the famous “Jungshook” expression that appears when he’s surprised or shocked.


His thinking head tilt and tendency to pick at his face when he’s spaced out has also been noticed by a lot of observant fans.


And don’t forget the jealous tongue bulge.


Even fellow members have confirmed that when Jungkook touches his hair, he’s nervous.

“Everyone, when Jungkook is on live broadcast and touching his hair, please think ‘ah, he’s nervous’.” — J-Hope


But now he seems to have a new habit and fans are squealing over how cute it is. When he’s worried, he taps his head.


He seems to do it when he’s really worried and thinking, in the middle of trying to sort out what to do.


Fans are going crazy over how adorable the gesture is.

  • “Seriously, Jungkook is the cutest in the world.”
  • “He does it by accident which makes it even cuter!”
  • “He’s so cute it hurts.”


Netizens can’t believe how cute it is when the movement is seen together in different instances.

  • “I’m a man… but he’s so cute and pretty when he’s confused that if he were to do it in front of me I might question my sexuality.”
  • “I knew he was cute but now it’s a serious issue.”


One netizen also pointed out that the thing that makes him worry most in the world is… a microwave.

Q: What’s the scariest thing in the world?

A: A microwave. I’m always worried it’ll explode.


No matter what, Jungkook really is adorable!