BTS’s Jungkook Is Obsessed With The Crown of V’s Head, No One Knows Why

No one can stop him either.

BTS‘s Jungkook, or the Golden Maknae, is so full of love and aegyo for not only his fans but also his hyungs (older brothers), and everyone finds him adorable and irresistible.


This does mean, sometimes, Jungkook displays his affection in a strange way — like constantly touching and sniffing the crown of V‘s head. While no one understands why, it is thought to be Jungkook’s way of showing V his love!


ARMYs have spotted Jungkook habitually grab and smell V on multiple occasions…


… and now they can’t stop wondering about what Jungkook is actually smelling, never mind why.

I don’t understand… but now I’m dying to know what V’s head smells like.

— Netizen


V seems so immune to Jungkook’s incessant need to sniff the crown of his head too. ARMYs believe, in a way, it might be V showing the maknae that he loves Jungkook so unconditionally as well.

Well, animals have a very strong sense of smell and depend on it – includes bunnies and tigers.

— Twitter @moontango3


ARMYs will never fully grasp the logic behind this complicated PDA…

Is it kind of like… why I like to sniff my dog’s paws…?

— Netizen


… but they won’t argue the fact; It’s nonetheless quite UWU.

Source: THEQOO