BTS’s Jungkook Once Saved TV Personality Kim Sung Joo’s Life—Here’s What Happened

He’s a real-life superhero! 💜

BTS‘s Jungkook is a real-life hero!

BTS’s Jungkook | BTS/Weverse

Back in 2016, BTS performed at the 2016 DMC Festival, which was hosted by TV personality Kim Sung Joo.

Kim Sung Joo | HanCinema

The incident happened right before BTS performed “Fire.” At the start of the performance, the members were supposed to be launched onto the stage via lifts located underneath the stage.

Kim Sung Joo was standing on the stage right before the performance began, and he had no idea that the lifts had been lowered. The lowered lifts created huge gaps in the stage. When Kim Sung Joo backed up slightly, he fell directly into Jungkook’s lift. After he fell, his fellow MCs, Girls’ Generation‘s Yuri and Seohyun, stared into the lift in shock and tried to see if he was okay.

Kim Sung Joo’s fall could have resulted in very serious injuries, but Jungkook caught him just in time! Although the incident happened in 2016, Kim Sung Joo didn’t talk about what happened until he appeared on the variety show Visiting Teacher in 2018. On the show, Kim Sung Joo revealed that Jungkook was “right there” when he fell and saved his life.

Kim Sung Joo said he’s reminded of what happened that day every time he sees BTS and that he thanks Jungkook for saving him every time he sees him.

After Kim Sung Joo revealed that Jungkook had saved his life that day, some ARMYs noticed that Jungkook seemed to struggle to lift his left arm during the performance of “Fire,” and they guessed that he must have injured his arm while saving the MC’s life.

Although he seemed to be in pain, Jungkook never complained about a thing and ARMYs wouldn’t have even known he’d saved someone’s life if Kim Sung Joo hadn’t said anything!