BTS Was Reacting To Their “Permission To Dance” MV, And Jungkook Got A Surprise Phone Call

Jungkook had a quick reaction!

The BTS members sometimes receive surprise calls when they’re filming, such as when Jin unexpectedly received a call from his father on Run BTS! 

Jungkook recently had a similar thing happen to him!

BTS’s Jungkook | Run BTS!

BTS recently reacted to their “Permission to Dance” music video, and midway through, Jungkook suddenly started apologizing.


It turned out that Jungkook received an unexpected phone call from someone, and he quickly got out his phone and lowered the volume.


After this, Jungkook continued reacting to the music video, and the members praised him when the scene of him doing some spins was shown!


Here’s the full video below!