Jungkook Went Out Of His Way To Greet This Photographer

When Jungkook spotted a friendly face in the crowd, he just had to say hello.

BTS‘s Jungkook never fails to show love for the people he cares about. That includes his members, his fans, and even the press!


Last week, BTS appeared on the April 26 episode of KBS‘s Music Bank to promote their new single, “Boy With Luv”. When BTS arrived at Music Bank, dressed in casual clothes, many photographers were there to greet them.


On his way into the building, Jungkook noticed a familiar face among the flashing cameras: a photographer from RNX TV. As soon as Jungkook saw him, he ran over…




…and shook the man’s hand.


This photographer has been attending BTS’s events for a long time now, and he has formed a friendly relationship with the members. He recently shook hands with V on the red carpet for THE FACT Music Awards…


…and often says hello to him when their paths cross.


Check out the clip here.


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