Jungkook’s “Pied Piper” Practice vs Performance Shows His Deadly Duality

He put two completely different spin on this song’s choreography.

Jungkook‘s sexy and cute sides are so strikingly different that it’s hard to believe they belong to the same person!


Over the past few months, fans have fallen in love with “Pied Piper” Jungkook’s maturity and charisma.


The way he sings passionately while swaying to the music has enchanted ARMYs around the world. On stage, “Pied Piper” brings out Jungkook’s sexy side, but it’s a completely different story behind the scenes.


During one dance practice, Jungkook transformed “Pied Piper’s” seductiveness into silliness. Same dance…


…totally different vibe!


Sexy Jungkook or cute Jungkook? Trick question! There’s no need to choose when you can have both!