BTS Jungkook’s Prank On Jimin Had Him Ready To Throw Hands

Jimin took a straight nosedive from his antics 🤣

All the members of BTS love to keep each other on their toes with a good prank. As the youngest, Jungkook couldn’t resist playing one on his loveable hyung Jimin.

During one of their concerts, he used their song “Anpanman”, where they had a bit more freedom on stage, as the perfect opportunity to pull one over on Jimin.

Wanting to have some fun, Jungkook held his hand up, waiting for Jimin to give him a solid high-five. Running across the stage, blond hair flying, Jimin jumped up to meet his hand. There was one hilarious problem.

Jungkook didn’t lower his hand to meet Jimin’s, instead standing on his tiptoes and raising his hand even higher than before. Jimin couldn’t reach it at all, entirely missing it.

Jimin torpedoed straight for the ground, crouched over. Jungkook didn’t bat an eye, dancing and singing his lines. Once Jimin stood up, the look on his face expressed just how betrayed he felt. He was ready to throw hands once they stepped off stage.

Remembering the act of betrayal for later, Jimin brushed it off and put a smile on her face, laughing at how he’d been fooled. On the side, Jungkook was even more amused, cracking up.

When it comes to BTS, is it really a good prank if one of them isn’t ready to throw hands afterward? After all, that’s part of the fun.

ARMYs have found it so hilarious that it’s racked up over a million views. See Jimin falling for Jungkook’s spur of the moment prank here.


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