Jungkook’s Predebut Adventure In LA Blog Has Resurfaced (10+ Photos)

Jungkook shared his memories in this predebut blog post.

In the summer of 2012, a 14-year-old trainee with big dreams boarded a plane to Los Angeles for the adventure of a lifetime.


A year before he debuted with BTSJungkook traveled to the US to study dance. On February 6, 2013, he shared his memories in a blog post that has recently resurfaced. He entitled it, “An Ordinary Maknae Trainee’s Dance Training Abroad In America”. This is what he wrote.


“Hello this is Jungkookieㅎ I’m nervous because it’s my first time blogging. I wanted to show you the photos I took when we went to the States back in July-August of last year for dance training. -ㅂ-. Looking back on these photos now, I’m realizing how young I was. I think I look better now than back in these photos haha.”

“This is when I boarded the plane headed for the States. “두근두근두근” (This is sound of Jungkook’s heart thumping!). It’s my first time taking a long flight 두근두근두근”


“In order to become the best dancing Kookie I went to train in LA for about a month(?)
This is the photo I took after I got off the plane. I look tired. -ㅂ-
It was the first time I ever rode a plane, I think I was on it for about 12-13 hours.~”


“On our way to our dorm, the scenery was so nice so we stopped the car and took pictures.


“I think we took about 2~3 dance lessons, but they weren’t as difficult as I thought it would be. But I began to have a mental breakdown on the second lesson. I couldn’t understand what they were saying ㅜㅜ. It was a much more difficult level than the first lesson.!!”

“In the mornings, we would go to a nearby Korean restaurant and eat breakfast before heading to our lesson.
Thanks to the Korean food, I didn’t get homesick.-ㅂ-!!”


“We didn’t have lessons on the weekends so we played at the beach!
We were hungry so we went to a restaurant, but the owners were Korean. They initially thought I was a foreigner so they used English, but the owner’s son recognized that we were Korean. They even gave us the drink on the left for free. Thanks, hyung.-ㅂ-”

“yum yum It was so hot that day, we almost died while eating haha.”


“We took a lot of lessons and had to change our clothes a lot, so we went to the laundromat about 1~2 times a week. Honestly, it was a little annoying..^^;”


“We went to an art museum to look at an exhibit, but there were no one on the stairs so I took a photo while doing an awesome nike! Hahahahahahahahahahah I look pretty awesome.!!”


“This is the museum I was talking about yesterday…This is the first photo I took once arriving…..The exhibition was worth seeing hahahahahahah.”


“A day before we returned to Korea, I ate lobster for the first time at a nearby seafood restaurant. But since I’m from Busan, I think king crabs are the best. hahahahahah-ㅂ-”


“This is the choreography we learned when we first started dance training.
I messed up at the end a lot so I’m embarrassed..; hahahahahahah
After watching this and then the practice video I took a few days ago, I think I improved a lot.. ㅎㅎ”


“This is MOVEMENT LIFE STYLE. It’s where I took lessons.~ I arrived a little too early for my lessons so no one had arrived yet ㅜㅜ”


“I bought that skateboard in America and started riding it for the first time.!!”


“My teacher took this photo when I was riding in front of the training room. I look stupid.
I am the biggest newbie in skateboarding -ㅂ-”


“The best way to end the blog is with a nike2 !!!!!!”


“This has been Jeon Jungkookie’s study abroad dance training in America. I’ll be back!! When will that be? -ㅂ- hahaha Bye”


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Source: Bangtan Blog (1) and (2)