Jungkook Predicted What BTS Will Look Like In 15 Years And Even He Couldn’t Help Cracking Up

Alright, who left Jungkook alone with photoshop?

Jungkook has just fast-forwarded BTS 15 years in the future, and it’s definitely not what anyone was expecting!


While everyone has been editing BTS into cute baby versions of themselves, the golden maknae had other ideas…


Jungkook recently showed off his photo editing skills by predicting BTS what they would look like 15 years from now, meaning they would be in their mid to late 30s to early 40s. But the results were so hilarious that even Jungkook was left wheezing!

I tried to predict how we’ll look in 15 years. I laughed so hard when I edited these that I couldn’t breathe!


Jungkook wasn’t the only one who had fun with the edit! ARMY are having a blast with them too. Many fans can’t stop cracking up over the scenario…


Others are bringing “Beardtan” back into the mix…


While some fans are simply trying to figure out which members are which!


Although we don’t have a time machine to see just how accurate Jungkook’s predictions are, one thing is for sure, they are pure gold!