BTS Jungkook’s Actions Prove That He Listens To His Own Advice That He Gives To Others

We love a dedicated man.

Recently, BTS made a special appearance on Mnet’s I-LAND and gave advice to the contestants as well as some pointers for their dance choreography. For participant Hanbin from Vietnam, Jungkook gave honest advice that came from experience. He hoped that the contestant would just go for his dreams when he can and to hold on to it.

The way Jungkook’s expressions change when he gives this advice shows just how much he has learned and grown through his journey as a K-Pop idol and a part of BTS. For those that are familiar with Jungkook’s tattoos may know that he has a few quotes written on his arm such as ‘rather be dead than cool’ and ‘make hay while the sun shines’, which shows just how important his advice is considering he himself lives by these words too.

Although it has been seven years since BTS has debuted, Jungkook continues to pour his passion and energy into his craft. He is always seen as the last one to leave concert rehearsals as he stays behind to practice a bit more on his own.

Music director Han Eunyoung also revealed that Jungkook’s name is always seen last on the artist rehearsal list because he always makes sure to do his solo rehearsal every time. Even though world tours can go on for a long time, Jungkook never forgets to practice his performances.

Even BTS’s leader RM cannot stop his praise for Jungkook, claiming him to be the definition of ‘euphoria’.

RM: This is how hard Jungkook puts in effort! He always rehearses “Euphoria” every time. He wakes up 30 minutes before us and practices “Euphoria”. He is literally ‘euphoria’.

Whenever I do a performance, I don’t think about what will happen later and just give it my all in that moment. The fans that come to the concerts will always be different and so if I save my energy for later, than the fans that came previously won’t be able to see a 100% performance and I don’t like that so I always try to do it the same every time.


The members also know just how much effort Jungkook puts into everything and is always up for trying something new.

J-Hope: You all know Jungkook. He goes for it first.

Jin: Jungkook always just tries it our first.

Suga: Everything is ‘try’ for Jungkook

Jin: It is a really good mindset to have.

Fans are always grateful to Jungkook for putting his all into his work and his passion. He also never forgets to thank the fans that continue to support them in anything that they do. How can we not love such a hard-working and amazing person?