BTS Jungkook’s Self Hairstyling Is The Cutest Thing You’ll See Today

He had endless fun with his long hair in New Zealand.

If BTS‘s Jungkook started a hair channel on YouTube, ARMY would definitely subscribe!


Last year, Jungkook grew his hair longer than ever before, and today fans are still missing those lovely locks. Thankfully, Rapunzel Jungkook has been immortalized in Bon Voyage 4. 


In the show’s final Story Untold segment, Jungkook had tons of fun with hair elastics. He styled his hair into these precious pigtails…


…and called it the “Pucca” look, after the children’s TV character Pucca.


Jungkook also took ponytails to new heights with this gravity-defying hair sprout.


The sun? Who needs it when Jungkook’s smile is this bright!


Check out Jungkook’s “hair tutorials” here: