BTS’s Jungkook Was Ready To Throw Hands After V Teased Him, But Then Something Unexpected Happened

Everyone thought Jungkook would take his revenge, but they were caught doing something else instead.

Because BTS‘s Jungkook and are such good friends who have great admiration and respect for one another…

…there are times caught on camera that show just how much they love to show affection with each other…

…and also hilarious moments when the duo couldn’t help but playfully tease and make each other laugh.

Sometimes, these funny moments can be seen separately, but what if we told you that V and Jungkook had a nice moment that started off with playful teasing — and ended with something else other than one member getting his revenge over the other?

It all started when V wanted to have a little fun, so during one of their break times, he found a ball and decided to play with it…

…by kicking it directly to his close friend Jungkook’s body.

Once the ball landed on Jungkook, he immediately got up, yeeted his phone on the ground…

…and immediately went after V who smartly chose to run for his dear life.

Now, with what you’ve witnessed so far, you would assume that Jungkook was ready to throw hands at V because of how eager he looked like when he went after him.

Wrong. The whole situation ended with the both of them cuddling and sleeping together peacefully — just like what real friends do, right?

The friendship between V and Jungkook is definitely tight!