That Time Jungkook Sassily Replied To A BTS Fan’s Tweet

He playfully gave this ARMY what they asked for.

Millions of fans tweet at BTS every day, but the chances of getting a reply are slim to none. That wasn’t always the case though.

Today, BTS has over 30 million Twitter followers, but back in 2013, their social media presence was much, much smaller. When BTS first started being active on Twitter in 2012, the members used it to directly communicate with their friends and fans.

Sometimes they left playful responses like this:

In February 2013, just a few months before BTS’s debut, one lucky fan got a memorable reply from Jungkook“Give me Jeongguk,” they wrote.

Wish granted! Jungkook, who was just 15 years old at the time, sassily replied with, “Take me.” 

This fan has since deleted their tweet, but Jungkook’s reply (and the fan’s bragging rights) are still here seven years later.

Try not to feel too jealous!


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